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Costa Del Sol is an autonomous community in the country of Spain and it is located in the southern part of Spain. The community and the town have got a limited autonomous authority over the area and this is a beach town, which attracts a lot of people from all over the world. And the American community is one of the largest in the area, and the town is located in the region called Andalusia, which comprises the communities and coastal towns that are along the Malaga Province.

American Club - costa del sol

The Costa del Sol town is located in between the coastal regions that lesser known among others, the Costa Tropical and the Costa de la Luz. Formerly, the town has been only a group of tiny fishing settlements, but today the region has become one of the famous tourist destinations in the country and it attracts a lot of tourists from everywhere. And this has a higher income in the tourism sector with many tourists visiting the town as it has a lot of beaches to offer them. And the area is entirely a tropical climate area that offers a ‘not too humid’ weather throughout the year, which helps the tourists to explore and enjoy the culture and places.

The Costa del Sol city includes other cities of Malaga and also the neighboring towns of Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella, Estepona, Casres, Velez Malaga, Frigiliana, Benalmadena, Mijas, San Pedro de Alcantara, Manilava, Ricon de la Victoria, Nerja, and Torrex. These are the shoreline towns that are located near the coastal area offering a lot of beaches and other historical and tourist places to the tourists who visit the town. This region of shoreline extends from the Punta Chullera, which is located in the west to the cliffs that are located at the Maro in the east. The town has a lot of beaches and other tourist attractions, which the tourists and even the local people often fell in love with. This helps the government to receive a lot of revenue from the tourism industry and this also increases the region and the government to earn a lot of money. The coastal area has a lot of sceneries to offer the tourists like various landscapes and building architecture. Some are beaches, dunes, cliffs, bays, and estuaries. The landscapes and other areas are very adventurous for the tourists to enjoy the nature and also to have a leisure time in their vacation.

Geography of Costa del Sol

The town occupies a coastal strip that is narrow and delimited by some ranges that of the mountains and penibaetic system, Sierra Alpujata, Sierra de Mijas, Sierra Blanca, Sierra Crestallina, Sierra Crestallina and Montes de Malaga to the north side and to the south side the Mediterranean Sea. The coastal area is known for its diversity of the marine life and also the aquatic life of both the animals and plants, which will help the nature and its surroundings to have a high and rich environment and also to maintain the great water sports for the tourists. The place has a pretty laid back culture when it comes to lifestyle and other activities of the people. The Baetic system is caused the lee effect in the area to short the rivers and made it become seasonal, which results in the hamper of the agriculture in the particular area. The Costa del Sol has a similar scenery of Southern California, and even the geography and climate, even the flora that of the state of California. But in contrast to the weather, both the areas have the same type of weather that of warm, which is present throughout the year and just for the record, the average sunshine per year in hours is around 3000 hours. The town has one of the most expensive tourist resorts in entire Europe.

Tourism in Costa del Sol

As the place is already prosperous and being an industrial and commercial center for most of the neighboring and nearest countries in the 19th century, Malaga province had experienced a major economic contraction in the years of 1880s and also in the year of 1890s. This has led to the conclusion of the iron industry in the year of 1893 and also made the textile and trade industry weak. The agricultural sector had faced a lot of crisis and also a lot of inflation due to the scarcity of everything. All the crops and livestock have gone through a lot of suffering and this has made them the job fields to go on inflation. The disruption caused for the social classes by the crisis and its consequences were like loss of job, collapse the major development that has a lot of impact in the business and general decline in the activities of the economy, this has led many citizens and residents to look for other means of livelihood. And after this time the place witnessed a lot of migration due to the hike in the jobs and economic growth.

And Americans are one of the finest numbers of people who migrated to this place and settled here. However, the development of the tourism industry was interrupted by the World War II and the Spanish Civil War II. The Costa del Sol had experienced an explosion in the demographic and expansion of economy with the boom in the tourism between the years of 1959 to 1974. The name ‘Costa del Sol’ has become a brand and have been created specifically to market the coastline of the Mediterranean population and had lived in the fishing villages, and in the short distance inland in the mountains that are running downwards to the coast. The region was planned to develop in order to meet the demands that were sought by the international tourists in the year of 1950s and ever since then it has been very popular destination among the international tourists not just for the sale of its beaches but also for its mixture of rich, diverse and unique local culture. This has made a lot of Americans settle in the place to have laid back life.

American Community in Costa del Sol

The American community in the city of Costa del Sol has a constant increase due to various factors, and it is one of the largest and most successful community among the locals and other communities. This has also has made them gather within them in order to celebrate their traditional festivals, religious festivals and mainly the thanksgiving in order to have the harmony and also to have the fellowship between them. This helps the American community in the Costa del Sol to have a strong bond between them and also to have a courage and mental stability to face the life challenges of friendship and fellowship. Apart from that this helps them have a lot of leisure activities in the clubs by gathering, which helps them to keep them salubrious and fit. This also helps them to have a common ground in order to get each other’s back whenever it is needed. With more than forty years of services, the club helps the local American community to get a social life apart from the mingling with the Spanish people. The surroundings of the Costa del Sol are even covered as well. We are partnered to provide Cross platform mobile development done using programming apps for android

This helps the people those who are situated away from the center of the city are also been included in the club so that people live in that area can also be included in order to make avail of the services. This can be very useful during the time of Thanksgiving and other important occasions in the year and it helps to get a common ground and better understanding for each other people to be an in unity to help each other. The areas are segmented with Chapters, and the Chapters cover Sotogrande to Malaga, and the club often conducts monthly luncheons or dinners with a guest speaker and sometimes occasionally the club might have dinners too. And the club offers special thanksgiving to the families and friends, and there have been invitations flying around to invite all the Americans to come and be part of this family. The American community in this particular place has a lot of common ground, which needed to be accumulated in order to have a great fellowship in the community. This also helps to the people to get away from their regular stress and to spend some leisure time in the club.

About American Club Costa del Sol

American Club Costa del Sol is a club that is located in the region of Costa del Sol, which is located in the Southern part of Spain. The club helps the American population that is settled in the region to have fellowship and friendship; this also helps the people to live with love and harmony. The club also helps the community by organizing social activities and events for all ages, donating contributions to the civic charities in order to support and encourage them, and this also supports the non-member Americans who visit the Costa del Sol.


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